From Cleopatra to Lady Gaga

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        People may be surprised to know that makeup, despite all of it's complexities, isn't something that was invented in recent times. In fact there is a long history of makeup that has led it to the point where it is today. Pharaohs and great queens of Egypt wore makeup thousands of years ago and while it wasn't composed of the same materials, they still used it in similar ways as people do today.

        Museums will even show how makeup has been around for an incredibly long time. The ancient drawings and statues of Egyptians show just about every person with line around their eyes. That's right; they had eyeliner even back then. The history of makeup is found in the Bible too with famous women from Biblical history applying makeup and performing beauty treatments as part of their daily routine. Actors have been using makeup for a long time as well, especially in the days where women were not a part of the theater and men played both genders.

        Of course in the past people didn't know about hazardous materials and had a tendency of using anything that would produce a color for makeup. These often led to poisonous makeup and people would become sick and even die from wearing it. As time continued people found better things to make their beauty supplies out of and stopped using things like mercury and lead.

        When the 1800's came around, the history of makeup reached a new era, as it had become something that was associated with negative attributes in society as opposed to its symbol for higher status in the past. In England, many prostitutes were the ones that wore makeup and royalty frowned upon it. Some, like Queen Victoria, even banned its use. Other historical figures also looked down upon makeup, including Adolf Hitler who felt that makeup was beneath women of the Aryan race.

        That didn't stop makeup from becoming popular for all women to use. A big turnaround for the history of makeup was the time period where women began to take pride in their sexuality and used makeup as a way to help express themselves. That was the start of makeup's widespread use in the world today.

        Makeup still had its negative side effects and continues to even today. Controversy of animal testing rages on as people deem it inappropriate to test products on animals. However, makeup companies use animals because their products had led to serious problems such as blindness and skin deformations. These potential side effects of makeup used with improper materials caused the government to create regulations that makeup-producing companies need to follow. Some of these regulations also help to control the use of animals for product testing although it hasn't been banned yet.

        Women and men alike both use makeup now on a regular basis. There are simple creams and powders that are used for hiding blemishes. There are extravagant colors that are used to make a person stand out and feel good about themselves. One thing is for sure; makeup has come a long way.

You can do it!

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        Some of us are born with natural beauty, dark, long lashes and unblemished skin, while others feel they will look their best with some makeup on. It is quite easy to learn how to do makeup at home and have that professional look each time one steps out of the house.

        The first step would be to choose whether both concealer and foundation is necessary. If it is, chose a concealer that is slightly lighter in color than that of the foundation. This is a magical tip for dark circles under the eyes. The best method is to blend in well using the fingers or a sponge. Concealer has a tendency to apply on more thick than planned. One way to eliminate this is to rub some cream on the face.

        The foundation one chooses has to match the skin tone. By applying little dots to the center of the face and blending it out with a sponge until covering all the face is the best method to use. To make sure the foundation will stay on all day and also to avoid any shiny areas from appearing, apply some powder to the face.

        To apply an effect to the eyebrows it is better to use powdered shadows than pencil as it tends to look less natural. To get the most spectacular effect, use three shades of eye shadow. Select them from light, medium and dark colors. The darkest of the three should be used to line the upper eyelid. For the last effect on the eye, apply eyeliner only to the outer of the eye and only line two thirds of the eye.

        Mascara can be used to do various things. It can either be used for lashes to appear longer and fuller, or for a curly look. The color depends on the eye shadow that was chosen. If one went for light colors, make use of a brown eye shadow. If dark colors were used, black would be most suitable.

        The cheeks also need a special touch. To accentuate the cheekbones one should add a little blush to the apples or just below. Lastly the lips need to make a statement. Lips should always be lined after applying lipstick and not before. This will avoid the liner from showing when the lipstick has been worn off.

Tricks for a perfect makeup

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        Make up is something that most women love to wear, love to buy, and love to experiment with. The bottom line is that make up is fun! Unfortunately, we all aren't great at applying makeup so that it looks good on our skin. Luckily, there are some tips that we can all follow no matter what our complexion or age that will help our makeup look more natural so that when people look at us they see all our best features, not our makeup!

        To achieve a very balanced look, one should always start their makeup application with their foundation. The best way to apply your foundation is with a make up sponge. Many of us do not think about it, but when we apply our foundation with our fingers we can actually contaminate the foundation so that it changes color or just puts impurities all over our face! After you have applied the foundation it's a great idea to smooth your foundation around your hairline and your jaw line. Even if you have the best foundation it is easy to get lines around your jaw and hairline. A complexion brush or clean sponge will help to eliminate these unsightly lines so that you can wear your makeup with confidence.

        After you've applied your foundation you should consider applying a brow color. If you use a brow color you'll then want to apply a brow jell to keep the brows looking groomed all day long. The next step should be applying a highlighter, if you use one. Remember that if you are attempting to hide wrinkles or lines on your face that you do not like that you should use a very light highlighter that will move with your skin. It's important to use a complexion brush to even out the highlighter when you've finished applying it so that you do not have lines showing where you have applied the highlighter and where you have not.

        Applying eye make up is probably one of the most difficult things for most people to do. When you know how to apply your makeup, you'll find that making your eyes look awesome with makeup is a lot easier! The first step is to start with three colors. You'll want to choose a medium tone from the lashes to the crease in your eyelid. Next, you'll pick a shadow that is two shades darker than the first and you'll want to apply this shadow from the crease of the eye to the brow bone. Next, you'll choose a lighter shade than the first and you'll apply it from the second color to the eyebrows.

        Once you've completed the application of your eye shadow you can apply your eyeliner. It's a good idea to apply eye liner with a firm bristle brush as it will give a more natural appearance so that you don't actually look like you are wearing eye liner! Remember, the key to a great makeup application is making it look like you aren't wearing any, or are wearing very little. Your eyeliner should never meet in the corners of your eyes, so be careful not to go all the way to the corner when applying.

        After you've completed your eyes, you'll want to apply your blush. Blush should be applied to the cheekbone. After you've done your cheeks you should move to your lips. It's important that your blush and your lipstick match, if you are going to wear both. A great trick to make your lipstick last longer is to use your blush as the base for your lipstick. Once you've applied your blush you should apply your lipstick with a brush to give the lips a more natural look. It's a great idea to start from the outside when you are applying lipstick and work toward the center. Only use lip liner if you are trying to make your lips look fuller, but if you already have full lips you can forego the lip liner altogether.

        As you can see, applying your makeup needn't be a difficult process. If you know how to apply each element of your make up like a professional you'll find that your makeup not only looks better, but that you feel better, too! Applying makeup is fun, but it is also a process that takes a little time, but it's worth it when you have all the tips and tricks to make it easy and the end product is beautiful!

Wedding Makeup Advices

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Your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable days of your life. Your every blush, smile and kiss will be recorded on film so your bridal makeup needs to be picture perfect Streamates and look flawless all through your big day. This guide to wedding makeup will take the stress out planning your XloveCam wedding makeup.

Wedding makeup advice: Prepare your skin for your wedding day

Unfortunately many Bound GangBangs women wait until they are only a few months away from their wedding day before they even begin to give any thought to Fucking Machines skin care. Start early and take care of your skin now. You will need to work out your skin type to help you establish a proper skin care regime. This, combined with good habits, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and regular exercise will ensure that your skin will be radiant on your big day.
For help understanding your skin type and how to develop a quick and easy skin care routine please read Bound Gods article; Great looking skin - A simple 4 step skin care guide.

Wedding makeup tip: Beware facials !

Unless you have facials on a regular basis DO NOT get one the week before your wedding day. facials can pull impurities to the surface, and you do not want to break out the week of your wedding. To also help avoid Divine Bitches and blemishes do not make any major changes in your skin care routine during the few weeks before your wedding. The weeks before your wedding is not the time to experiment with your skin care. If you regularly get facials have your last regular facial a good week before the FreeHardcore wedding.

Wedding makeup tip: Pimples and acne.

If you do have a breakout, do not pick. Do not do anything that can irritate or redden or enlarge the problem. Use pure Aloe Vera to treat any bumps or breakouts. It is a wonderful healer.

Wedding makeup tip: Keep MenInPain away from too much sun.

Don't get too much sun before your wedding. Sunburns, peeling skin and tan lines can sabotage your special PublicDisgrace.

Wedding makeup advice: Use a professional makeup artist or do it yourself ?

If you are confident in applying your own NakedKombat there is no reason you can't do your own wedding makeup. If you are not so confident with your makeup abilities your wedding makeup is not the time to SexAndSubmission experiment - you want to look your absolute best on the day and your wedding photos will be your lifetime mementos of your special day. If you are unsure of your makeup abilities, or just want The Training Of O of mind of not having to worry about your makeup, use a professional.
Either way read on - I'm sure you will find the following tips and advice useful.

Wedding makeup advice: Things to consider when planning your wedding makeup.

You will want your makeup to be appropriate for time of day, the venue (indoors or outdoors) and complement the style of your wedding dress so once you have confirmed the arrangements for your wedding day, and you have decided the style of your wedding dress, you can start to think about the TsSeduction style of makeup you prefer. Things to consider include;

Night time or day time wedding ?

Night time weddings are typically more formal than day time weddings. For a night time wedding consider a more sophisticated look. For a day time wedding makeup tends to be more natural.

Indoors or outdoors wedding ?

Outside lighting is stronger so your makeup should to be softer and more WaterBondage than makeup for an indoor wedding.

The lighting.

Different lighting requires different makeup styles. Night time lighting tends to dull makeup so a stronger WhippedAss look is preferable. Natural and day time lighting is more generous to makeup so, again, consider a more natural makeup look.

The colour of your dress.

Ivory and off white tend to make the skin look softer and can therefore support a WiredPussy style. White tends to look strong and washes out most faces so consider using softer colours to enhance the face.

The style of your dress.

The stronger the neckline of your dress the more sophisticated the hair and makeup style will need to be match the dress's style. A neckline that cuts deep and is off the shoulders will look great with a hair up hair style so that the line of the neck and shoulders is shown off. Consider also the length of the dress, the shorter the dress the more simple the hair and makeup should be. Remember you are creating an entire picture, do not wear a beautiful dress and stylish heels and then wear your hair and makeup like you do when you wear your jeans.

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